Legal advice

We advise you in legal matters in connection with your business and with inheritances and estates.

Our lawyers and legal advisors support you in the following areas:

Drafting of contracts

For companies and private individuals; drafting and review of contracts under company law, as well as tenancy and employment law.


For avoidance or in the course of legal disputes we define legal strategies together with you, which will help you to succeed


Our specialists will help you with the foundation of your company; we will analyse your business idea and can therefore offer you the individual advice you need. Depending on your business model, we will establish your public limited company (“AG”) or limited liability company (“GmbH”) for you together with our notaries.

Notarial services

With our foundation platform we are able to handle all notarial matters quickly and inexpensively for you; we can help you also with marriage and inheritance contracts, testaments and provision orders.

Aliens law

We obtain residence permits for you and manage the procedure with the migration authorities to your best advantage; in addition, we coordinate the proceeding - if necessary - with other Swiss cantons or with other countries.

Thanks to our national and international network of proven lawyers, we are able to find the ideal solution for your legal concerns.